Marine Fish

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Rising Tide

Rising Tide was created by the University of Florida and SeaWorld to learn how to successfully breed and raise marine fish through aquaculture to provide an alternative to collecting them on the reefs. This may seem easy, but marine biologists are just now starting to learn details to the life cycles of these common marine fish, and in particular, what they eat in the early stages of their life. Rising Tide provides the resources and facilities to develop an aquaculture program for marine fishes, with a goal that all marine fish found in home aquariums are raised through aquaculture.


Help our Fish

Saltwater aquariums are SO cool. Watching bright yellow tangs, electric-blue surgeonfish and odd-shaped angelfish darting around is as close to SCUBA diving as you can get without getting wet. But what you might not realize is that nearly every marine fish you have ever seen in an aquarium came directly from the ocean. Freshwater aquarium fish are farmed in huge aquariums (a process called aquaculture), but pretty much all saltwater fish are collected from coral reefs or other ocean habitats. Collecting these fish for aquariums is hard work and can sometimes result in damage to the reef or the fish themselves.