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Keeping Tigers out of Trouble

Even though tigers are large, powerful animals, wild tigers are in trouble as a result of human activities. Two of the main threats to wild tigers are habitat loss and fragmentation caused by human development and poaching. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund supports organizations working to protect tiger habitats, helping ensure tigers have the large, interconnected tracts of land they need to support healthy populations. They also support programs that help reduce the threat of tiger poaching by enforcing laws protecting endangered wildlife.

The products you and your family purchase and use on a daily basis can have a direct impact on the survival of wildlife in wild places around the world. That is why it’s important to never purchase products made from wild animals. Always read the labels on your products, learn where your products come from, and find out the potential impact these products could have on wildlife and the environment.

Help our Tigers

Tigers are found in tropical rain forests, mangrove swamps, evergreen forests, grasslands, savannahs and rocky areas in Asia. Depending on their habitat, tigers eat a variety of prey ranging from termites to elephant calves, but the majority of their diet consists of large bodied animals weighing about 20 kg (40 lbs.). Unlike many other cat species, tigers readily enter water to cool themselves and to pursue their prey. They are powerful swimmers and capable of traversing lakes and rivers! Tigers are truly terrific animals!