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Our iPhone and Android apps are still in development. In the meantime, you can share actions, photos and work on Action Plans through our mobile website that can be accessed by pointing your smart phone web browser to

With just a few clicks you can create your first action. Watch this quick 90 second video to Get Started

If you care about environmental and social issues, you have a unique chance to “walk the talk” and actually measure the impact you make. You can also meet a new network of friends who have a similar perspective. Additionally, each action can generate a donation for a cause from the myActions Community of Donors and earn you virtual rewards.

You can share up to ten actions each day to earn points and grow your social strength.

Giving feedback is a great way to motivate your team members or anyone in the community. When you see an action that you want to give feedback on, you can click the star icon to say “thanks,” the thumbs up when you see something you think is “cool,” or leave a more detailed comment.

On photos, click the heart icon when you see one that you like. Photos with the most votes are featured in the "Popular Recent Photos" gallery and may be chosen as the featured action or highlighted on myActions.

myActions connects and activates the ecosystem of Green Participants: friends, committed businesses, donors, and nonprofits in a meaningful way to drive real world impact.

The myActions platform offers tools to interact with friends, measure your progress in the challenge, the impact your actions have made in the world or even challenge friends. Digital rewards and recognition are focused on: action, social interactions and contributions to the community, frequency of positive behavior and breath of exploration.

At the bottom of each category, you’ll see the question mark icon. This allows your unique actions to be recognized. Make sure to enter in a description—we love hearing about the new and creative sustainable actions you can come up with! If something appears enough we might incorporate it as part of the action menu.

Actions are organized across four categories Save Gas, Save Power, Reduce and Help Others. Try to share the most interesting actions across your day. Add details or a photo like you would in other social networks. Actions are highlighted which are specific to your community's focus on sustainability and compassion.

The first four actions you share each day will earn a $.25 donation to your cause, totaling $1.00 a day. Actions completed as part of an Action Plan do not count towards that total. Completing Action Plans unlocks a larger donation to your cause, this also does not affect the $1.00/day limit.

To change your cause, navigate to your profile by clicking your name in the right-hand sidebar. Below your profile photo you will see an orange “change cause” button. Click and select your new cause.

Donations earned are directed to your selected cause, which is displayed in your profile. You can learn more about the causes on the Causes page.

The myActions Community of Donors is a group of benefactors that want to make a difference by supporting non-profit and conservation organizations, but by going through myActions, they also motivate the users to take more green and sustainable action!

All nonprofits listed on the site have at least one Donor to financially support the cause.

An Action Plan is a series of actions that are tied together within a specific theme. You don’t have to complete Action Plans, but they are a fun alternative to sharing individual actions. Completed Action Plans may earn you a special badge and unlock a donation to your cause.

Donations earned by actions as part of an Action Plan are held as part of the larger donation earned for reaching the goal. You can still earn additional donations on actions that are not part of a Plan.

You must officially “start” an Action Plan to work towards it. Shared actions will only count towards an Action Plan when you create them by clicking through the Action Plan checklist. Each action on the list is worth a certain amount of points towards the total, and some you may only be able to do a certain number of times within the Plan.

To complete an Action Plan, you must earn the points goal within the number of days listed by sharing actions in the Plan. Each action on the list is worth a certain amount of points towards the total, and some you may only be able to do a certain number of times within the Plan (as indicated by the “0 of x,” meaning you may only use that action in the Plan x number of times.) You must also share all the required actions (indicated by a white circle) the number of times shown in the circle.

Anyone can form a group. Just visit the home page for your community and click the "Start your own group" link at the top of the page! You can find your community's home page by going to your profile page (click "Me" in the top navigation bar) and clicking on the name of your community that appears just below your name. Try creating groups for your friends, family, class, clubs or neighborhood.

Each member who joins myActions has the opportunity to select a cause they want to support. You can choose from all sponsored causes or look for those that are active in your local community (ie. Cincinnati, Columbus). If you were invited to join an existing group, we'll connect you with your friends - if not we'll match you up with other myActions members with similar interests. No matter what group or league you join, all of your actions benefit your community and the planet.

Badges are a great way to show what you’ve accomplished on myActions. Badges are displayed in the feed to celebrate the action which earned the badge. When you reach certain milestones or create certain actions, you might earn a badge.

Some badges are multi-tiered and increase as you do more of something, while others are triggered by one-off events. There may even be some surprise badges hiding around myActions, so the more you do, the more you might find (hint: holidays are great days for being green, don’t you think?)!

There are six levels define in the current challenge. Levels show how much you’ve accomplished on myActions: Seed, Sprout, Sapling, Tree, Grove, and Forest. Your current level is displayed under your point total and showcased in a blue highlight on your profile. The progress bar will help you count down the actions to your next level.

Every time you create an action, you earn a randomly selected card. The current card set showcases the green, sustainable, and community programs on the participating communities. View them to see what what’s happening in your region, and others around the world! Can you collect them all?

They are estimates from scientifically-based sources including the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator.